Planning in Enfield: Call for transparency

Most London councils publish the comments and objections made about planning applications on their website.  But not Enfield. Our research shows that more than three-quarters (76%) of local authorities across London openly publish comments submitted by the public about planning applications in their area. Councils say they publish the comments in recognition of their statutoryContinue reading “Planning in Enfield: Call for transparency”

Enfield’s Housing Pipeline – 2021 Review

This report summarises our analysis of the number and types of homes that gained planning approval in Enfield in 2021 and since 2019. The aim of the report is to assess whether Enfield is likely to start to meet housing targets in the foreseeable future, and whether the type of homes local people need areContinue reading “Enfield’s Housing Pipeline – 2021 Review”

Shared Ownership homes should not be classified as affordable

Introduction Local planning standards say that 40% of all new homes built on major housing developments in Enfield should be “affordable”. Affordable is supposed to mean that the homes cost less than the normal market rate, so that they can be bought or rented by people who would be unable to afford these rates. However,Continue reading “Shared Ownership homes should not be classified as affordable”

A new “urban character” approved for Chase Farm

On Tuesday evening, Enfield Council’s Planning Committee approved new plans for the Chase Farm hospital site, which will set “a new urban character” for this area of Enfield.  The plans fail to deliver enough affordable homes for key workers and fail to deliver the family sized homes that Enfield needs. There are already 138 newContinue reading “A new “urban character” approved for Chase Farm”

Colosseum Park – The safety of children crossing the A10, our response to council officer’s comments

Earlier this week we reported that Enfield Council’s planning committee had approved plans for 1,800 new homes, which will see around 3,600 people living at the B&Q site on the A10.  We reported that an officer told the Committee that the development would not provide enough play space for children, and therefore children would needContinue reading “Colosseum Park – The safety of children crossing the A10, our response to council officer’s comments”

We need a better understanding of homelessness

Rates of homelessness in Enfield are amongst the highest in England.  There are 11,000 people living in emergency temporary accommodation in Enfield, including 5,000 children. Each year around 650 families in Enfield become homeless and need emergency temporary accommodation.  Rates of homelessness fluctuate, but since 2010 there has been a significant increase in the numbersContinue reading “We need a better understanding of homelessness”

Why we oppose the current plans for Colosseum Park.

Will the plans for Colosseum Park create a good and healthy place to live?Will the plans deliver enough of the types of housing Enfield needs? Do the plans make effective use of the land and help protect the green belt? We think the answers are probably not, no, and no.   High density housing canContinue reading “Why we oppose the current plans for Colosseum Park.”

Office conversion threatens hundreds of jobs

An application has been submitted to Enfield Council to convert Link House, an office on Southbury Road EN1, into 63 flats.  The application to convert the office has been made using controversial Permitted Development rules, which means the application, if granted, would not be subject to the normal planning rules and guidelines. This application isContinue reading “Office conversion threatens hundreds of jobs”

Office conversions are negatively impacting Enfield’s town centres

Controversial Permitted Development Rights (PD) for office to residential conversions were introduced by the Conservative Government in 2013. The aim was to create homes quickly by allowing developers to convert offices without going through the normal planning process. The policy has backfired. Conservative MP Robert Halfon described PD as: “… a policy that is possiblyContinue reading “Office conversions are negatively impacting Enfield’s town centres”