Colosseum Park – The safety of children crossing the A10, our response to council officer’s comments

Earlier this week we reported that Enfield Council’s planning committee had approved plans for 1,800 new homes, which will see around 3,600 people living at the B&Q site on the A10. 

We reported that an officer told the Committee that the development would not provide enough play space for children, and therefore children would need to cross the A10 to use Enfield Playing Fields. Even though the officer described the A10 as a “monstrous road”, he said it was reasonable for children aged 11 years and older to cross the A10. He did not think it was reasonable for primary age children to cross the A10.

A number of people have expressed their concerns about the officer’s comment, so we have delved a bit deeper into this. 

We reviewed government statistics for pedestrian casualties. This research showed that casualties are in fact higher amongst children aged 12-15, than for children aged 11 and under.

Children will use a pedestrian crossing to cross from the Colosseum Park development to the Enfield Playing fields, so we also reviewed the government statistics for accidents on pedestrian crossings. This research also showed that casualties are higher amongst children aged 12-15 than younger age groups.

The evidence strongly suggests that children aged 12-15 are more at risk of being a casualty. The statistics therefore do not support the officer’s comment regarding the safety of older children crossing the A10.  

Statistical data set, Casualties involved in reported road accidents (RAS30)

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