Are Nesil Caliskan’s Housing Claims Accurate?

On 5th April 2022, Enfield Dispatch reported an interview with Nesil Caliskan, the leader of Enfield Labour, in which Cllr Caliskan made a number of claims about housing in Enfield. We fact-checked these claims and found a number were misleading. The claims and a summary of the results of our fact checking are set outContinue reading “Are Nesil Caliskan’s Housing Claims Accurate?”

Why are Enfield’s planning officers blocking affordable housing?

Plans to build affordable housing on a vacant site in Enfield have been recommended for refusal by Enfield’s planning officers.  (1) This is very surprising as the scheme would deliver 106 flats, of which 100% would be London Affordable Rent (LAR). These flats would therefore help get over 100 families out of temporary accommodation. MostContinue reading “Why are Enfield’s planning officers blocking affordable housing?”


Enfield Council’s advertising and publicity has repeatedly stated that the Meridian Water regeneration scheme will deliver 10,000 homes (including 4,000 “affordable” homes) and 6,000 jobs, over the next 20-25 years BUT the Council knows these statements are misleading and not supported by the evidence.   In 2019, a government planning inspector told the Council thatContinue reading “DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE”

Planning in Enfield: Call for transparency

Most London councils publish the comments and objections made about planning applications on their website.  But not Enfield. Our research shows that more than three-quarters (76%) of local authorities across London openly publish comments submitted by the public about planning applications in their area. Councils say they publish the comments in recognition of their statutoryContinue reading “Planning in Enfield: Call for transparency”

Enfield’s Housing Pipeline – 2021 Review

This report summarises our analysis of the number and types of homes that gained planning approval in Enfield in 2021 and since 2019. The aim of the report is to assess whether Enfield is likely to start to meet housing targets in the foreseeable future, and whether the type of homes local people need areContinue reading “Enfield’s Housing Pipeline – 2021 Review”

New tower blocks approved for Edmonton Green

Last night, Enfield’s Planning Committee narrowly voted to approve plans to build 13 tower blocks at Edmonton Green Shopping Centre. The plans for Edmonton Green Shopping Centre include 13 new tower blocks ranging from 10 to 30 storeys, as well as a number of 4-9 storey buildings. When complete, the scheme will deliver 1,438 newContinue reading “New tower blocks approved for Edmonton Green”

This plan is not the plan Enfield needs: Better Homes Enfield’s response to Draft Local Plan Reg 18 Consultation

We have now submitted our response to the Draft Local Plan, which can be downloaded here (84 pages). In our opinion, which is based on our detailed analysis of both the Draft Local Plan (DLP) and the accompanying Evidence Base, the DLP will not deliver the type of housing Enfield needs or make the bestContinue reading “This plan is not the plan Enfield needs: Better Homes Enfield’s response to Draft Local Plan Reg 18 Consultation”

Local Plan Consultation: Better Homes Enfield complaint letter

In July we wrote to Enfield Council to express our concerns about the Draft Local Plan Consultation and have decided to publish our letter. The full letter can be downloaded here. In summary, our concerns are that:   Important information is missing from the draft Local Plan, making it impossible to give a fully consideredContinue reading “Local Plan Consultation: Better Homes Enfield complaint letter”

Building in Green Belt areas will not deliver the affordable housing Enfield Council claims

There is an urgent need for more affordable housing. Enfield needs around 10,500 affordable homes, including 3,500 Social Rent homes with 3+ bedrooms. These family homes are needed to provide permanent and safe housing for the thousands of families with children currently living in temporary accommodation and in other unsuitable conditions across Enfield e.g. inContinue reading “Building in Green Belt areas will not deliver the affordable housing Enfield Council claims”