Enfield’s Housing Pipeline – 2021 Review

This report summarises our analysis of the number and types of homes that gained planning approval in Enfield in 2021 and since 2019. The aim of the report is to assess whether Enfield is likely to start to meet housing targets in the foreseeable future, and whether the type of homes local people need are going to be built. 

Conclusions and commentary

More homes are coming, but unfortunately not the homes the community needs.

It is encouraging to see a significant increase in the number of homes being approved, especially as Enfield Council has not hit housing targets since 2018 and has become one of the worst performing Councils in London.

However, the vast majority of these homes are 1-2 bed flats, despite the evidence showing that by far the greatest need is for homes with 3+ bedrooms.   Furthermore, nowhere near enough affordable homes are being approved to meet the needs of the local community.

Enfield may well start meeting housing targets over the next few years, but the borough remains a very long way from building the housing local people actually need.

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