New study shows that Enfield needs to build thousands of affordable homes per year.

Enfield Council’s latest “Local Housing Needs Assessment” (LHNA) shows the scale of Enfield’s affordable housing crisis.

  • Enfield needs to build between 2,111 and 3,493 new affordable homes per year.
  • At least two-thirds of these affordable homes will need to be Social Rent/Affordable Rent.
  • There are a limited number of sites suitable for house building in Enfield, we think these must be used to address the borough’s affordable housing needs, otherwise the greenbelt will need to be built on.    
  • The developer led model of funding affordable house building will not deliver the affordable housing Enfield requires and other approaches are needed e.g. large scale building of council housing.  

We have created a short report about the implications of the latest LHNA for affordable housing in Enfield, which can be downloaded here:  

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