Enfield’s deepening family housing crisis

In November 2010, Enfield Council adopted its Core Strategy. The Core Strategy is an important document setting out the housing needs for Enfield for the years 2010-2025.   The Core Policies and targets set out in the Core Strategy were based on years of extensive and detailed research and reflect Enfield’s housing needs. There areContinue reading “Enfield’s deepening family housing crisis”

Enfield Housing 2020: Needs Sacrificed for Targets

KEY POINTS: In 2020, the council approved plans for 12 major developments which could deliver more than 5,200 new homes None of these developments met planning standards for: ‘Family Housing’ or ‘Access to green space’ Only 3 developments met planning standards for ‘Affordable Housing’  Many of the homes approved will be too small and willContinue reading “Enfield Housing 2020: Needs Sacrificed for Targets”

Shared Ownership homes should not be classified as affordable

Introduction Local planning standards say that 40% of all new homes built on major housing developments in Enfield should be “affordable”. Affordable is supposed to mean that the homes cost less than the normal market rate, so that they can be bought or rented by people who would be unable to afford these rates. However,Continue reading “Shared Ownership homes should not be classified as affordable”

Does Enfield’s controversial hyper-density development deliver enough affordable housing?

Last week Enfield Council gave the green light to a controversial hyper-density planning application at Colosseum Park that would include tower blocks of up to 29 storeys.  There were multiple challenges made to the application, some of which we have previously reported on here. One issue raised about the development was the low proportion ofContinue reading “Does Enfield’s controversial hyper-density development deliver enough affordable housing?”