Council proposes demolition of successful venue

“The Drumsheds” at Meridian Water will be known to many people as a popular music and clubbing venue, however the Council now wants to demolish The Drumsheds as part of its plans to regenerate the area.


The Drumsheds has hosted a wide range of events in recent years, such as Field Day, which was attended by nearly 30,000 people, as well as artists such as Kano, Chase & Status and Skepta. Since 2019 it is reported to have welcomed over 500,000 guests for electronic music shows and sold over 200,000 tickets for live music.

In 2020 the ‘Festival of Place’ shortlisted The Drumsheds for an award and described the venue as “a landmark for Meridian Water”. Amy Lamé, the London Mayor’s ‘Night Czar’ who is responsible for championing London’s nightlife has also praised The Drumsheds.   

“I’m delighted that the Drumsheds is the latest venue to open in our capital and proud that it shows Enfield’s commitment to delivering the Mayor’s 24-hour vision for London.”
Amy Lamé – April 2019

Despite this success, a recent Council report has recommended that The Drumsheds be demolished as soon as possible.  The report proposes using a ‘traditional demolition’ approach, which means all the buildings will be completely destroyed rather than dismantled and re-used elsewhere.  This decision appears to be based on what is most financially beneficial for the Council, and not based on what is most beneficial for the environment, the local economy, or for local people.

View of The Drumsheds

When the Drumsheds first opened, reports in the media suggested it would be a permanent venue. Indeed, the Council described how the Drumsheds would help make Meridian Water a “truly vibrant neighbourhood” and “a new 24-hour London destination”. Now, just 4-years later the Council is planning to demolish the venue.

The Drumsheds would not be the first useful buildings demolished for the Meridian Water regeneration scheme.  Between 2014 and 2017, a large number of industrial and office units were demolished at Meridian Water, including Stonehill Mill, and hundreds of local jobs were lost or displaced. Most of this land has subsequently remained underused or completely empty, waiting for the time when it might be used for housing or new offices. This is disappointing given Edmonton’s need for industrial floor space and employment opportunities.    At the very least, these vacant plots of land should be considered as potential areas to re-site The Drumsheds and revive it as a successful music venue, at least until the council start to build housing.

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