Enfield Council approves 30-storey tower block with single staircase

Last night Enfield Council’s planning committee voted to grant planning permission for two new tower blocks at its Meridian Water development in Upper Edmonton. The blocks will be 24 and 30 storeys tall and will have single staircases, despite calls from industry experts to ban such buildings.  Since the Grenfell fire, the Royal Institute ofContinue reading “Enfield Council approves 30-storey tower block with single staircase”

Where is the Meridian Water Masterplan?

Publishing a new Meridian Water Masterplan has been a ‘corporate priority’ for Enfield Council since 2018, however it has still not been published, leaving the development’s future direction unclear. Our report “Where is the Meridian Water Masterplan?” explains why the new Masterplan is so important and recalls what has happened since the council took overContinue reading “Where is the Meridian Water Masterplan?”


Enfield Council’s advertising and publicity has repeatedly stated that the Meridian Water regeneration scheme will deliver 10,000 homes (including 4,000 “affordable” homes) and 6,000 jobs, over the next 20-25 years BUT the Council knows these statements are misleading and not supported by the evidence.   In 2019, a government planning inspector told the Council thatContinue reading “DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE”

Meridian Water could do more to help local families

Meridian Water is one of the largest regeneration projects in London.  Over the next 25 years, Enfield Council plans to build 10,000 homes on the 85-hectare brownfield site in Edmonton. Our new report called ‘Less is more’, shows how the regeneration of Meridian Water could help to address some of the disadvantages local people faceContinue reading “Meridian Water could do more to help local families”