We need a better understanding of homelessness

Rates of homelessness in Enfield are amongst the highest in England.  There are 11,000 people living in emergency temporary accommodation in Enfield, including 5,000 children. Each year around 650 families in Enfield become homeless and need emergency temporary accommodation.  Rates of homelessness fluctuate, but since 2010 there has been a significant increase in the numbersContinue reading “We need a better understanding of homelessness”

Why are Enfield residents spending years living in temporary accommodation?

More than 11,000 Enfield residents live in temporary accommodation, including 5,000 children – but this accommodation is anything but temporary.Brickfield House (pictured) is a converted office block on Southbury Road. This converted block contains well over a hundred temporary accommodation “units”, most of which are smaller than the minimum size normally allowed for a singleContinue reading “Why are Enfield residents spending years living in temporary accommodation?”