New tower blocks approved for Edmonton Green

Last night, Enfield’s Planning Committee narrowly voted to approve plans to build 13 tower blocks at Edmonton Green Shopping Centre. The plans for Edmonton Green Shopping Centre include 13 new tower blocks ranging from 10 to 30 storeys, as well as a number of 4-9 storey buildings. When complete, the scheme will deliver 1,438 newContinue reading “New tower blocks approved for Edmonton Green”

Why we oppose the current plans for Colosseum Park.

Will the plans for Colosseum Park create a good and healthy place to live?Will the plans deliver enough of the types of housing Enfield needs? Do the plans make effective use of the land and help protect the green belt? We think the answers are probably not, no, and no.   High density housing canContinue reading “Why we oppose the current plans for Colosseum Park.”