New tower blocks approved for Edmonton Green

Last night, Enfield’s Planning Committee narrowly voted to approve plans to build 13 tower blocks at Edmonton Green Shopping Centre. The plans for Edmonton Green Shopping Centre include 13 new tower blocks ranging from 10 to 30 storeys, as well as a number of 4-9 storey buildings. When complete, the scheme will deliver 1,438 newContinue reading “New tower blocks approved for Edmonton Green”

Enfield’s deepening family housing crisis

In November 2010, Enfield Council adopted its Core Strategy. The Core Strategy is an important document setting out the housing needs for Enfield for the years 2010-2025.   The Core Policies and targets set out in the Core Strategy were based on years of extensive and detailed research and reflect Enfield’s housing needs. There areContinue reading “Enfield’s deepening family housing crisis”

Meridian Water could do more to help local families

Meridian Water is one of the largest regeneration projects in London.  Over the next 25 years, Enfield Council plans to build 10,000 homes on the 85-hectare brownfield site in Edmonton. Our new report called ‘Less is more’, shows how the regeneration of Meridian Water could help to address some of the disadvantages local people faceContinue reading “Meridian Water could do more to help local families”

New research shows that urgent action is needed to provide family housing in Enfield

There are well over 11,000 new homes in Enfield’s housing pipeline but most of these homes will not be the housing that Enfield actually needs. Our analysis of 31 major planning applications indicates that: Enfield’s housing needs are being routinely side-lined in a drive to meet overall targets. Only 2 of the 31 applications (6%)Continue reading “New research shows that urgent action is needed to provide family housing in Enfield”